Thursday, 23 June 2011

Past Years Exam Model Answer



-credit to Nurliyana Azhar-


  1. erm, soklan past yr 2010, Question 8:

    3 main structural component in renal parenchyma for controlling systemic bp:

    jwpn dia tu, cuba cek balek.

  2. ape ye jwpn dia? rseny dh tepat dh tu, sbb dia nk renal parenchyma kn? bkn renal interstitium or capsule~~~ ke saya salah?

  3. correction 2010,

    no 5
    Secretion of progesterone by the corpus luteum leads to
    - stimulation of secretion of uterine glands the glands become tortuous & lumina are dilated by the secretion which accumulates in their interiors
    -lamina propria (stroma) become edamatous & highly cellular
    -coiled arteries continue their elongation & convolution & extend into the superficial portion of the endometrium
    - epithelium become secretory in function secrete glycogen

    no 6(b)
    The lining epithelium in the mucosa is transitional epithelium, helping in urinary bladder distension
    No layer of muscularis mucosa, decreasing the contact of luminal fluid and epithelium
    Wide intercellular spaces and viscid intercellur fluid, helping in sliding of the epithelial cells during distension
    Present of plaques and intercellular occluding junctions in superficial layer that helps in formation of osmotic barrier

    p/s= minta maaf sgt2 kalo byk silap.