Thursday, 30 December 2010

histology practical exam


ni ade diattachkn slides for histo practical exam

ade 15 station. study the slides & ape2 yg perlu, insyaallah success... =]


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

mari menjana minda

just to attract ur attention.
rasanya sape2 yg dh daftar medscape dpt kot case study ni.

kalo korang tgk abdominal x-ray ni, it's actually not normal.

ade case study dia with complete history with signs & symptoms. xleh nk share kat sini. nanti plagiarism lak. kalo nk tau lebih lanjut, daftar la medscape ye... kebetulan pulak case study ni ade kaitan dgn ape yang kita bljr skang. kalo korang xde kerja or penat sgt study, sila2 la jwb any case studies. revise blk normal cbc, blood pressure, heart rate & so on....

important announcement!!!

sorry sgt2 sbb lme xupdate blog ni. harap sume ahli section 6 dpt amik perhatian & bg feedback.

1. attached here is the LO for skills & histology.
2. to those who have any clear picture of histology practical slides, please pass it to me or to ur section leader.
3. please take note of our new practical changes because even i don't take note. sorry about that~~~
4. ur commed assignment are due next week. so remember to prepare it beforehand.
5. also human right assignment! please take note & remember that we have to submit it by 30th December.
6. for pharma presentations, just prepare ur word & slides by next week.
7. any idea for our official batch/section 6 t-shirts? =)
8. those who have notes regarding CNS section of skills, would u please share it so that i can post it here?
9. buckle up people because exams are coming!!!

p/s: pengumuman-pengumuman tambahan, insyaallah, akan menyusul kemudian. saya ingin mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi penghargaan kepada semua ahli seksyen 6 yang banyak bekerjasama. terima kasih banyak-banyak. minta maaf kalau ada salah silap.

soalan untuk hari ini-
there is a disease, in which the sufferer will turn into a complete "statue" resulting in death due to either suffocation, respiratory failure or inability to eat/drink. this is because their muscle & connective tissue when injured, will heal by turning into bones.
name the condition.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

nota parasitology


sini ade attached nota parasitology utk sem ni yang dibuat oleh our section mate. highly recommended, handwritten but nicely done, colourful & easy to understand

interested? please click here.

p/s: sape2 yg nk kongsi nota, bole post kat alexmed atau kat sini. kalo segan boleh trs bg kat admin, biar admin yg postkn...

attachment in malaysia


just want to clarify things.
1. hospitals in malaysia require any applicants to submit their request at least 3months before ur attachment.
2. to do this, u have to know the name of the hospital u're going to apply

so, those who want to download the ACTUAL procedure in applying for attachment in malaysia, please download it HERE...

one more thing, if u want to download the LO and list of slides for practical histology, please download it here...

TQ for ur co-operation...